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I interviewed Marnie Stern for Pitchfork. I love her. Here’s my favourite of her answers:

In “Proof of Life”, there’s the line, “All my life is based on fantasy”— I sit here all day, living in this fantasy world and wondering if I have let my life go by without having real connections, no family or anything like that. Like, I am embarrassed that I can’t afford health insurance, and then there’s the separate issue of not caring about any of that and wanting to write a really good song that’s important to me, which ends up overriding everything else. But then I lay in bed awake at night and think, “Oh god, what will I do? I’ve got to find a guitar lesson to teach, or sell something.” But it’s a choice. I feel very fortunate to have people hear my music. I don’t feel like I have much of a right to complain about not making money out of it.

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