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Three men, three record collections

1. Today, the first dispatch of John Peel’s record collection went online at the very good Space website. Alexis Petridis met Peel’s widow, Sheila, and talked about the project. Tom Ewing also wrote a thoughtful blogpost about the merits and potential oversights of the online archive.

2. Although there have been some complications with the project, thousands of what are supposedly J Dilla’s records are set to go on sale in Detroit soon

3. Last week, NPR were streaming Richard Parks’ (Van Dyke’s son) beautiful documentary about Music Man Murray, an LA record shop owned by nonagenarian Murray Gerschenz, who has a collection of records reaching into the hundreds of thousands. Aware that he’s reaching the end of his life, he’s now looking to sell his collection as a whole, to a collector, or if that doesn’t work, he’ll sell it off piecemeal. Watch the trailer for the documentary below. Hopefully it will get a release soon, as it really is wonderful (and features new a new soundtrack from Van Dyke).

The different treatments of three very profound record collections are interesting to contemplate: one turned into an archive of international attraction, and partly funded by the government; another dumped in a warehouse for a fan sale free-for-all; the latter remaining (for now) a living testament to its aging curator/creator, who’s searching for a safe home for it after he’s gone. 

Maybe there will be more thoughts on this later.

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