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T-Shirt Feature Penthouse Magazine 1979.


Patti/Grace/Debbie stay the raddest

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We are the Best! (Lukas Moodysson, 2013)

bringin’ back my love for this movie, the sweetest movie ever

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best costume

Oh my god.

Haha! These are my friends Ben and Rosie!



best costume

Oh my god.

Haha! These are my friends Ben and Rosie!

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Somewhere Jeffrey is crying, alone in the knowledge that he is no longer required in this relationship, and that he will never again suckle at Ina’s haughtily proffered chocolate lollipops.

Lana Del Rey - 'Ultraviolence' 

I reviewed the new Lana Del Rey album for NME.

can you even imagine

Popworldcupjustice: Germany vs Portugal - Popjustice 

I did some World Cup punditry for Popjustice.

Fried egg fingernails


What is love?

Suzanne (accurately) defines love and WHO AM I KIDDING, I AM BASICALLY HERE FOR SUZANNE. 

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Bring Me Your Butts

I didn’t want to have a “Guitar Center experience” in which I had to pretend to know shit about gear and presets and microphones or whatever. I didn’t want to waste time being scared into saying stuff like “oh ya, that X&892 is sounding real WARM.” With Craig I was able to say stuff like “can you bring up the diva in my headphones?” or “So I should play the note that’s so moody it makes me feel like I’m PMS-ing every phrase in the bridge, or every other one?” and we would just go with it.

what did i tell ya

For me, I think the record just kind of encompasses my experiences through the year 2011-2012 living in Philadelphia. Part of that was being a small town kid from the west coast (Eugene, OR), moving from my college in the suburbs into a city where people were constantly telling me these horror stories of women getting raped, and feeling really terrified and trapped by that. My aunt, who was basically like a second mother to me, died of colon cancer on Valentine’s Day of that year, which was probably the hugest influence on the record. It is sort of this really cruel joke because she died at the age of 49 without ever having been on a date. She was just kind of above it, I guess. She’d never been in love. At the time, I was very angry at the human body, I think. I think a lot of the lyrical imagery revolves around trying to express this sense of violent femininity. Like, why am I cursed with this body that releases fear in me every time I walk down the street? How did this physical growth take over such a good person?
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