Heard it through the Snapesvine

Apr 16

It's Adventure Time -

This floored me.

Apr 14

Adding “I guess I’m just immune to your charms” to my GTFO repertoire.


Apr 13

“I like the comfort in knowing that women are the only future of rock ’n’ roll.” — Kurt Cobain

Apr 09


Anonymous asked: Mac's rape joke was clearly a reply to how horrible gg allin would act at gigs, no way would he say that shit seriously, you made wayyy too much of a big deal out of the whole thing

I wrote that piece ages ago and have no idea why it’s being picked up again now. I’m sure the remark was part of some character act, but it still made him the kind of guy who makes jokes about rape. However, I have a lot of time for his music and don’t think that performance is an accurate representation of his character, but an inelegant reaction against the meatheads who were coming to his gigs at the time.

Apr 08

Anonymous asked: Hey, I was wondering if you have any thoughts on The Vaccines. Good bad or neutral, I'd love to hear them! Thanks

I don’t think they’re at all interesting, though I’m sure they’re pleasant young men.

Apr 07

Being Tavi's mom -

"In Norwegian, there is a word — unne — for when you are happy on someone’s behalf.”

Mar 31

(Most of) the stars of Nashville are going on tour -

Mar 22


Mar 17

j i g s a w: TIGER GRRL: A page from my diary, October 1990

Mar 14

Weekly links #4

Carrie Brownstein wants to prick and poke you. Britain is laundering Russia’s dirty billions. The mysterious death of Alex Calderwood. LESS THAN ONE MONTH UNTIL MAD MEN. Even Prince is beguiled by St. Vincent’s live show. Girls' women are being typecast. Nashville’s state incentives depend on whether Nashville is commissioned for a third series: WT Actual F. The art of waiting. Francois Hollande has hired an ex-hip-hop journalist as his chief speechwriter. (I wrote about Hollande’s use of hip-hop in his election campaign for Pitchfork in 2012.) I love Elizabeth Moss.

Listening: Tacocat. Posse, up to five times a day. Wooden Wand. Grubs. Superchunk’s Foolish.

Reading: The Collected Stories Of Lorrie Moore.

Mar 12


Acoustic black metal, black wooden ceiling opening &c.


Acoustic black metal, black wooden ceiling opening &c.

Mar 07

Weekly links #3

I can’t imagine anyone’s on tenterhooks for these, but apologies for the lack of links last week: with the NME Awards on, I didn’t have time to read a lot.

Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina on Putin’s patriotism. Neneh Cherry is always a badass. St Vincent’s many power plays. India’s sanitary towel hero. Are alt-weeklies dead? Digital is bankrolling print. The death of a housing ideal in Sheffield. Winning a chilli-eating contest. The delightful Frankie Cosmos (anyone else see her as Millie from Freaks & Geeks grown up?). Sheila Heti and Miranda July’s friendship (last paragraph especially) reminds me of my friend Anne. The future of reading is nauseating. Norway’s curious memorial for the Utøya victims. The "brusque intimacy" of emptying a dead parent’s house. Fascinating Popbitch article on why clicking through to the Mail (from Facebook in particular) could be its undoing.

Bands new to me this week: Popstrangers. The Lemons. Posse. New White Lung.

Books I read: The Interestings. How Should A Person Be. Our Noise: The Story Of Merge Records.